Natural Hoof Care

The Hoof, the Whole Hoof and Everything Connected to the Hoof

"Natural Hoof Care is a non-invasive trimming method based on the study of the hoof form of wild, free roaming equines in environments where the rate of hoof growth equals the rate of wear"
(Source: HOOFNZ Inc. Brochure)

Suzanne is a founding committee member and Online Shop manager of HOOFNZ Inc (Hoofcare Organisation Of New Zealand) and she adheres to the principles and trimming guidelines of this organisation. For more information about HOOFNZ Inc. go to the website

Natural Hoofcare is not just about trimming the horse's hoof, we recognise the connection between hoof health and the equine diet and living conditions / environment. For Suzanne this often also includes equine body work such as Equissage, Equine Touch (both of these are non-invasive and gentle) and discussion with the horse owner regarding the horse's diet and environment to help the horse reach its full potential.

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