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Monty's Story

I am a Natural Barefoot Practitioner and recently had a lady phone me to say she felt she would have to put down her little 12hh pony, Monty. Monty had foundered badly in all four hooves about four to five months previously and was not coming out of his laminitic state.

I visited Monty's home and offered to take him to my property for rehabilitation, which his owner agreed to.

Monty being treated
The lifestyle and diet of a founder prone horse or pony is extremely important. The hooves will renew themselves over time with correct non-invasive trimming however the horse will always be prone to another laminitic or founder attack, unless their lifestyle and diet is changed. Sugar in the grass, in pre-mixed feed and in the hay, is a sure-fire way of giving a horse or pony another attack.

Monty was not on a lot of grass at his home but there was too much for him. His owner had been soaking the hay in water to leach out the sugars and was feeding him a vitamin and mineral mix each day. She also walked him each day but was concerned he would bow a tendon due to the angle his front legs were due to the pain in his feet. Everything she did was the right thing to do, however it wasn't enough to bring Monty out of his laminitic state.

On arriving at my property Monty was put onto a track system with my Shetland (who is also very founder prone) which means they have to constantly walk to find a pick of grass because there is virtually no grass available. Hay was fed ab-lib along with daily minerals and vitamins and I walked Monty twice a day.

Monty was very reluctant to walk very far at all the first day as he was so sore in the feet. When I groomed him he constantly tried to nip me especially when grooming the shoulder and neck area - he was just plain sore all over because there was such a build up of toxins and lactic acid in his muscles due to the un-natural way he had stood and moved since his founder attack.

Monty after Equissage

I asked Suzanne Toomey from Toomey Equine Services to give Monty a session with Equissage as I thought it may help relax his muscles and make him more comfortable.

Suzanne applied the treatment and Monty just about fell asleep, yawning time and time again. Immediately after the treatment we took Monty for a walk and this time he walked out really well, walking as fast as I could and he even had a little trot. Boy oh boy what a difference!!

Since the initial Equissage treatment Monty has been a changed character. I have watched him pig root, buck and race around - he's feeling really good.

Suzanne has been back to give Monty another treatment and she was amazed at the change in him.

Equissage has helped Monty much more than I would have imagined and I am very impressed with the results.

Gail Graham
R D 1 Winton
March 2008

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